Remembering Our Spiritual Journey Home

The 12 Keys

For Awakening the Memory of

Who You Are and Why You Are Here

By Karon Korp

What would you do...if troubled by life and lying awake in the middle of the night, a booming male voice spoke to you from out of nowhere and said clearly,

“There are 12 Keys for you to know”

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As author Karon Korp retells the story in her book, Remembering Our Spiritual Journey Home – The 12 Keys, it was this event that began her search for The Keys. Months later, after an eventful trip to Machu Picchu, she was given The Keys in meditation and they became the foundation of her work. As tools for change, The Keys bring a greater realization of how our behavioral patterns, relationship issues and choices manifest themselves in our lives. With insight and humor, Karon has created a powerful instrument that should be a part of everyone’s ‘Self-Help tool-kit’! Click here to meet the author.

As Karon explains, they are called Keys because they open levels of awareness within us, thereby ‘unlocking’ deeper wisdom about our Soul Journey. One look at The 12 Keys and you will see they provide a roadmap to empowered awareness. As we become more aware, we learn to live more consciously. See what thoughts readers have shared with Karon.

The one thing everyone seems to be able to agree upon is the fact that our world is changing. How we meet the challenges associated with change determines our level of mastery. Karon’s Blog discusses issues and topics close to home, the obstacles and opportunities we are collectively facing. Some days we simply need an inspiring word, a little encouragement or a feeling of hope that we’ll succeed. If you’re having one of those days, check out Words of Wisdom.

The Keys are powerful tools to use in creating the life you desire. When you Shop the Store, you can take advantage of other tools Karon uses in her own journey. Once a month, Karon’s Newsletter will keep readers up to date and informed – so sign up today, it’s free!

Every city that Karon travels to is a unique experience for her audiences, and yet they share some things in common. We’re all on the same journey, just doing it a little differently. We all have challenges, we all desire freedom, we are all Remembering Our Spiritual Journey Home. There are many Paths to Inspiration, and you may be interested in some of the sacred sites Karon has journeyed to on her path.

When Karon was preparing for her first lecture on The 12 Keys, a sudden fear struck her. Now, we all know that fear stands for – False Evidence Appearing Real – (thank you to whomever created that appropriate acronym!) There’s also the popular – Forget Everything And Run! Undaunted, she directed her thoughts to SOURCE, and asked what was desired of her. Source responded, “Show up and deliver the message”. In that time, Karon has ‘delivered the message’ in 40 cities. Check Karon’s Calendar to see when she’ll be in your area.